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Faith is the fulcrum of all ERAB activities. EKM exists to mend the broken foundations. “If the Foundations Be Broken, What Can the Righteous Do? We aspire to make known the Kingdom TRUTH to all nations.

ERAB Kingdom Ministries Objects:

The advancement of the Born Again faith mainly, but not exclusively, by means of broadcasting the true gospel messages and teaching nature.

1. To advance the Born Again faith in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world for the benefit of the public through the holding of prayer meetings, lectures, conferences producing and/or distributing literature on Biblical truth to enlighten others about the Pentecostal faith.

2. To provide financial assistance for education, social care and vocational to children, young people and families in the United Kingdom and Overseas and in such locations as the Trustees may determine from time to time.

Preaching the Truth


Patience and caring

3. To advance the education and training to church congregations, ministers and leaders from ERAB Training Centres in areas of family life issues, career guidance, Marriage, leadership and training volunteers to support those who are struggling to cope with various areas in life for the public benefit of all mankind in United Kingdom and the rest of the world as the Trustees shall from time to time see it fit and a minimal fee shall be charged to support charity activities.

a) Providing opportunities to young people explore and gain experiences through voluntary work by connecting them to the rest of the world and participate in various community projects.

b) To advocate and lobby for parents from ethnic minorities to education policy makers, education providers and institutions to formulate easy guidelines for parents to understand the nature and type of education being provided for their children so that they can also participate in their learning process.

4. To provide relief from poverty, sickness and distress in any part of the world and in particular the continent of Africa, and in furtherance of this object to provide relief by the provision of facilities of all kinds, support services and equipment generally calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons, and to promote awareness of poverty in Africa and elsewhere generally.