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We have a wide range of edutainment progrommes and welcome all youngstars of all ages, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

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Holidays and Adventures

We have a wide range of Holidays and Adventure visits tailored to individuals and family’s needs.

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Theme Parks Explorations

Throughout the year we organise trips to different themeparks to find out more about our expeditions.

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Basketball Club

Crimson Knights is our basketball club which welcomes all ages, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

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Youth Camps

Our Youth Camps operate during evenings, weekends as well as school holidays. Welcome youths or all ages and backgrounds.

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El Rophe Across Boundaries

EL Rophe Across Boundaries is a registered company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales. Our focus emphasizes a preventative solution-focused adventure therapy for young people aged 6-25 in South East London, UK (Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth). ERAB through Edutainment and peer-themed activities will enhance social integration, inclusion, training, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people. This is a unique approach that facilitates learning outdoors with mentoring and coaching for young people Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET), in care and at risk targeting behavioral change through adventures. ERAB is targeting families, children and young people at risk of dropping out of school, in care, ex-offenders, and others that need our help. Through recreational edutainment and adventure, we engage our service users in already well established Adventure centres around UK in outdoor education, Self-discovery and leadership adventure to rekindle their potential.

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