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EL Rophe Across Boundaries exists to support parents by addressing the       multicausal factors affecting families in South East London.

These include:
• The breakdown of traditional family structures which has left parents with little or no time to spend with the young people.
• Long term deprivation in families does not allow parent to have recreational activities with their children because they cannot afford to.
• Long term unemployment in families where most are destined for low income jobs or become dependent on social benefits. This leads to low levels of motivation and aspirations to achieve higher which hinders them from competing for higher pay jobs.
• Low education levels. There is low education attainment because of disadvantaged family backgrounds where parents have little or no education as a result of dropping out of school at an early age. Hence, there is chronically low achievement and unless these factors are addressed there will be continuous poverty, re-offending and rise in crime levels.


Our services are for:
• Stay at Home Moms and Dads
• Single Parents
• Weekend Working Couples

We offer different affordable packages to families in already set up residential or camping centres in the UK:
• Outdoor walking, biking, rafting etc
• Residential holidays (3-5 days)
• School half-term and holidays adventure