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Deprivation has been a lasting problem in South East London Boroughs and it is thought to be on the increase given the current financial and political climate. There is need for another approach to address the root causes of rising gang and related crimes among young people in the South East Boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth. Regardless of the Council’s efforts to work in partnership with youth organizations, still the problem seems to be rising. Observably, several organizations do not address the root causes of the problem, yet the government funding targets output rather than quality.

We provide support and guidance through events management, mentoring, coaching, family support services, careers advice and entrepreneurship to equip the beneficiaries with knowledge and skills to explore starting their own businesses and encouraging further education where possible or getting into full time employment. Our clients acquire hard skills, wider skills, increased employability, personal development, entrepreneurial and enterprise skills, and engagement in the community.

The beneficiaries are trained to give back to the communities by them mentoring and coaching other young people to achieve a quality life. We have developed programs to increase employment opportunities and to enhance skills in the community through skills development, on-job training, apprenticeships and internships.

The outcomes include a set of young people who can access on-job work experience through apprenticeships, internships and volunteer work with ERAB and other organizations. The beneficiaries earn their own income and are able to support their families and developing their communities at large. In improving livelihoods, the crime and gang related activities will be reduced.

We aim to impact children and young people’s lives by offering them regular     adventure and team building events, holidays and programmes thereby enabling them to:
• Have fun, make new friends and appreciate the outdoors, producing positive memories.
• Grow in self confidence, independence and social skills by ‘learning outside the classroom’, giving responsibility and encouraging leadership qualities and team ethos.
• Develop hard skills and recognised qualifications in UK.
• Increase awareness of their personal strengths and abilities so they can recognise their potential and the positive contribution they can make.
• Embrace risk in a healthy way, through challenging and safe activities.
• Realise that they are valued and supported – and that we all have a positive contribution to make.
• Prepare them to move forward confidently and successfully into the next chapter in their lives.