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Crimson Knights London Basketball Club provides opportunities for people aged 10 -17 years old to receive basketball coaching. Our focus is to avail opportunities to both boys and girls discover their potential through basketball.

The pioneers of this club are young people who mobilised themselves to form this club. A group of Year 9 students from Deptford Green Secondary School had since Year 7desired to play basketball. They always went to communal cages to play as that was the most convenient place. However, due to safety reasons, ERAB intervened to provide a safer and professional place for these young people. ERAB contacted parents of the young people who agreed to contribute to the hall hire and coach.

ERAB’s goal is to inspire young people to take charge of their own life and to support the club members participate in competitive basketball both locally, nationally and internationally.

We have links with local junior and senior National League teams for those players capable of performing at an elite level.

All coaching is overseen by qualified coaches who are trained and have been screened for their suitability for working with young people.

New Members:
Please, contact the club about registration for new members.
Club Membership subscription (Annual):This includes the Annual registration fee, insurance, registration with Basketball England, equipment and club training kit.
Monthly Subscription: For playing games and / or attending 8 training sessions per month. All fees are payable by transfer to club bank account. All players will be registered for local league participation with Basketball England giving us full insurance cover.

Training Sessions at Millwall Lions Center, Bolina Road, London SE16 3LN
Time: Wednesday 17:30 hrs – 19:30 hrs and Saturday 15:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs (Times may fluctuate due to Hall availability)


Arrangements should be made for your child to travel to and from training sessions and matches.
We appreciate it if children can arrive promptly and are collected promptly at the end of the session, if they are not making their own way home. If you are going to be late picking your child up, please contact Rashida Barbara on 07949479810 and let her know.

We’d also welcome anyone who’d be interested in helping the club in any capacity. The club can also be contacted by email (info@elrophe.com).
Welcome to the club and we hope that your child enjoys themselves while at our club.

ERAB endeavours to create a safe environment for the young people, all coaches have Enhanced and updated DBS and Safeguarding .
We encourage parents to inform the club any medical conditions or allergies that may be relevant, should the child fall ill or be involved in an accident while at the club.