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ERAB HOMSKOL Services aims at bridging the gap between the children and their parents abroad and busy working parents in Uganda by supporting their children access and enjoy education meant for them.

ERAB HOMSKOL Services offers a series of parent/child programs devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. EHS relies on its founders and staff to take advantage of the growing need to assist parents abroad and those living locally in Uganda with schools visits, extended study, holiday assist, organising birthdays and other social events requested by parents.

We work to eliminate financial mismanagement and creating peace of mind for our clients.
The main objectives are:
(a) To provide high-quality educational support to children of parents living abroad and working parents in Uganda to achieve their full potential.
(b) Act as a link between parents abroad and their children in Uganda to enable children access proper education and home support as would be from their parents.
(c) To establish facilities that will provide a safe environment for identified children with learning disabilities, mental health issues, substance misuse and domestic abuse.
(d) To provide psycho-social care services to children and young people that have experienced hardship from wars, displacement, HIV and any other ailment affecting their welfare.
(d) To provide alternative education to our clients through the use of Information technology and social media to help uplift the wellbeing of children and young people.
(e) To organise events, activities including tours, camps, exchange programs that will enhance international youth understanding of cultural diversity

ERAB HOMSKOL SERVICES LTD offers quality educational support services in and outside school to children of:
• Parents living abroad
• Dual-income and Single working parents in Uganda
• Families that need our representation

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Contact our UK or Ugandan Teams for any support.